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1st performance

Prologue to opera by children and artists

 Part 1 Opera "Hansel and Gretel"
Part 2 Chamber music performance by children


Date: October 29, 2016 ㈯

Doors open: 14:00 Starts: 14:30

Venue: Oita City Information Learning Center AV Hall

1-3 pairs of Oishimachi, Oita City

Admission: 1,000 yen

Organizer: Oita Music Art Project Executive Committee

Sponsored by: Oita Prefecture, Oita City, Oita City Board of Education, Oita Godo Shimbun, OBS Oita Broadcasting, TOS TV Oita, OAB Oita Asahi Broadcasting

FM Oita, OCT Oita Cable Telecom

Cooperation: Oita Opera Company, Oita City Information Learning Center, Kyushu Yamaguchi Music Association Oita Branch

Full-time lecturer / staff



Opera supervision Masako Nagami

Director of Oita Prefectural Arts and Culture Promotion Council

Secretary of Oita Prefectural Arts Association

Chairman of Oita Opera Company

Representative of the ensemble "Green Breeze"

Chorus guidance and appearance Oita Opera Company

An opera group active in Oita prefecture, since its establishment in 2009, it has held regular performances once a year and opera concerts at schools in Oita prefecture. Opera Company Composed of vocalists and pianists.

Art Guidance Wataru Akimitsu

Painter / artist. His work production covers a wide range of fields, including painting, sculpture and design. Belongs to Kokugakai, Shinchoryukai, Zero Zero, etc. He has held exhibitions such as solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.
In stage art, he works on opera ("Tsubakihime" and "Cosi fan tutte"), theater, and live painting regardless of the performance.



Guest Lecturer / Cast Keiichi Asarai

Born in Oita City, graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, violin player

Co-star Rumi Kihara

Born in Kagoshima prefecture

Graduated from Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture, Department of Instrumental Music, Piano Major. He has studied under Reiko Shirasawa and Yumiko Hayashi.

Currently, he is performing in concerts as an accompaniment for various musical instruments such as vocal music and violin, and also as an accompaniment in competitions inside and outside Oita prefecture.

Oita Opera Company practice pianist. Member of Oita Music Association.

Supporting appearance Oita University School of Medicine Orchestra

Marino Teshima (violin) Hiromi Kaneko (flute)

Instrumental music instruction Kyushu Yamaguchi Music Association Oita branch
Keiko Shimaoka
Yuka Nakatani

Video Technology / Editing Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture

Behind-the-scenes technical guidance Oita City Information Learning Center

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