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Digital music picture book "Dorobou with egg shells" main stream streaming version

digital music picture book "Theives wearing Egg shells" story streaming version


Japanese subtitle narration 

Japanese subtitles & narration

Japanese subtitles (no narration)

Japanese subtitles  (no narration)

English subtitles (no narration)

English subtitles  (no narration) 

Original soundtrack (11 songs in total)

Original soundtrack (11 songs)


Painting Natsuki Yamashita

Illustrations  Natsuki  Yamashita
Composition / Piano Sakurajunko

Composer / Piano  Junko Sakura

Narration Yui Fujibayashi

Narration  Yui Fujibayashi

​ English translation Sorrell Yue   Grace Yue

English translation  Sorrell Yue   Grace Yue

Written by Yuka Nakatani

Production  Designer  Yuka   Nakaya

Purchase ¥ 660 each

Enjoy the world of video music picture books.

​ The main story differs from the movie specifications due to story-telling editing.

* To watch the video, log in from the login bar on the upper right.

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「卵の殻をつけたどろぼうたち」より こびとの踊り(初級用) (Dwarf dance) 作曲/さくらジュンコ

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