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Sat, Nov 20


Compal Hall 3F Multipurpose Hall

Children's Art Festa <Application by bank transfer or secretariat>

Family-friendly events (admission from 0 years old) Have a good time with rhythmic, balloon art workshops, picture book and music stage performance art!

The application has been accepted. After confirming payment, we will send you a ticket by email.
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Children's Art Festa <Application by bank transfer or secretariat>
Children's Art Festa <Application by bank transfer or secretariat>


Nov 20, 2021, 2:00 PM

Compal Hall 3F Multipurpose Hall, Japan, 1-5-38 Funaimachi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture 870-0021


The power of art that connects the hearts "Children's Art Festa" co-sponsored by the 23rd Oita Prefectural Arts and Culture Festival (live distribution available)

Date: November 20, 2021 (Sat) 13:30 Open 14:00 Start

Location: Compal Hall 3F  Multipurpose hall

Admission: General 1,000 yen Junior high school students and younger 500 yen (Admission is possible from 0 years old)

General moderator

Yui Fujibayashi




Oita Prefectural Arts and Culture Festival Executive Committee


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<Introduction of each corner>

① Rhythmic workshop

Sing songs that everyone knows, or play rhythm with YouTube OMAP Rhythmic Channel original songs.

OMAP Rhythmic Channel-YouTube

What to bring: Handkerchief

Instructor: Doremi de Asobo Music Class  profile

It was launched in 2007 with the idea that "I wish there was a music class where parents and children could enjoy learning while raising children."

Spread by word of mouth, more than 500 students have been taught so far.

Four teachers who bring out the "motivation, self-confidence, and challenges" of children.

Currently, OMAP and collaboration "Rhythmic Channel" are distributed on YouTube.

In addition, we also hold on-site classrooms for nursery schools and circles.

(2) Screening of the original work of the children's reading music picture book "Dorobou with egg shells" and piano performance

"Pictures at an Exhibition" by Russian composer Mussorgsky was created in 2019 by an artist.

The motifs are songs such as dwarfs, old castles, bidoro (cow), dance of chicks with shells, Baba Yaga (witch), Goldenberg and Schmuile, and it is a comical and mysterious story of two thieves and witches. ..

This time, the children's online concert will be screened, and two piano players will perform on stage.

Click here for online concerts that are open to the public

OMAP Community Room-YouTube

③ Yui Fujibayashi's picture book reading story

You can choose a picture book that customers of all ages can enjoy, enjoy it while actually moving your body with everyone at the venue, read your emotions carefully, and enjoy various ways to enjoy the picture book.

Yui Fujibayashi  profile

Freelance announcer Born in Innai-cho, Oita Prefecture Studied in Australia in high school and graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University After terminating the contract with a local TV station, he is appearing as a freelance TV program MC and reporter Also active as many event MCs

④ Balloon art workshop

"Let's make a snowman with balloon art" A cute snowman is completed just by tying and twisting the balloons. Please enjoy with parents and children.

Lecturer: Mami Noguchi  profile

A freelance multi-talent who works as a balloon artist and a cooking researcher, as well as speaking work such as reporter, narrator, moderator, radio personality, etc. mainly in Oita.

⑤ Concert for children

Piano performance by the mysterious Maskman (?)

We will deliver 30 minutes of entertainment such as the famous song "Sword Dance" played at the athletic meet, that famous song that children know, and the dual wield style of pianica and piano. There is also a co-star with junior high school students.

Mask de Melody (real name: Miyazaki Daisuke)   profile

Born in Oita City. Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Piano Department. Study abroad in Germany from 2006

From 2009 to 2015, enrolled in the Department of Piano Duo, Stuttgart University of Music, Germany. Studied piano duo under Hans Peter Stentsul and Volker Stentsul. Taketa City, Kobayashi City (Miyazaki Prefecture) In the "Let's talk about the charm of Germany Japanese speech contest" held in various parts of Kumamoto City, he won the 1st place in the Taketa City Qualifying Tournament and won the Kumamoto Tournament in the final of the tournament. Currently, while working as a piano instructor in the Department of Elementary Education at Beppu University Junior College, he also conducts composition activities and on-site lessons. Studied piano under Tatsuko Kudo, Susumu Umetani, Mari Kojima, Ichiro Kato, Yukie Sekine, and Arne Tolger.

About ticket purchase

This application form is a dedicated window for bank transfer or secretariat application.

We will reply to you by email from, so please cancel the junk filter settings.

● Application for bank transfer

A separate transfer fee will be charged. Please be sure to enter the name of the representative who will participate in the transfer form.

An email ticket will be sent when the registration of the participation form and the transfer are completed within 10 days.

After 10 days, you will need to register for the participation form again.

* For Japan Post Bank transfers

Japan Post Bank Ordinary Deposit Symbol 17290 Number 24906141 To Omap

* When transferring from a financial institution other than Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank Ordinary Deposit Store No. 728 No. 2490614 To Omap

● Application at the secretariat

An email ticket will be sent when you register for the participation form and complete the payment within 10 days.

After 10 days, you will need to register for the participation form again.

Secretariat 750-13 Morimachi, Oita City Inside the Nakaya Piano Class

About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

・ The event may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances. In that case, the admission fee will be refunded.

・ Personal information must be entered when applying for participation. Please note that in the unlikely event that an infection occurs, it will be submitted to the competent authority.

・ We will disinfect hands with alcohol and measure the temperature at the entrance of the hall. Please refrain from entering if you have a fever or are not in good physical condition.

・ Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the venue.

・ We will take measures such as admission restrictions and spacing between seats.

・ Please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue.

・ In addition, please follow the instructions of the organizer and the facility that will be the venue, and cooperate in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.


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