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When attending an event on the OMAP homepage site
Site member registration required

About registration of site members

Enrollment procedure

No registration fee  

Please do register a new site member than above Symbol "Login / Registration". You will need your email address and any password. We will reply to you with a confirmation email from (via, so please cancel the settings such as the junk filter.

Site member benefits

① You can participate in and watch events on the OMAP homepage site. (Some charges apply)

② We will inform you of various events in advance.

OMAP needs a lot of support from you

About recruitment of joint projects

We are looking for proposals and joint projects from companies and groups.

For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form.

About supporting members

We are looking for people who support OMAP's activities.


Enrollment procedure

Individual and corporate supporting members Sponsorship money from 10,000 yen

Click here for registration and payment of supporting members.


* Please use the system (external site) for payment settlement.

We are enhancing security based on our privacy policy.

Benefits of supporting members (both are for one year)

(1) If it is open to the public, it will be posted on printed matter such as leaflets and pamphlets and in the sponsorship section on the website.

We will issue a complimentary ticket for the event.

(3) It is also possible to develop it as part of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

OMAP's activity funds are managed by business income and subsidies.


<Please be sure to read it! >

* About credit card payment

Please be assured that payment information will be encrypted when data is sent and received. Please note that refunds will not be accepted once payment has been made.

* Privacy policy and intellectual property rights

Regarding the business activities of members in OMAP, we will protect and comply with their intellectual property rights (copyrights, etc.), portrait rights, and personal information in accordance with laws and regulations. At that time, participants may use images, works, videos, electronic data, etc. for recording or advertising (paper media, internet, SNS, broadcasting, magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc.).Regarding the right to image, consent shall be obtained in advance in writing, by e-mail or by an alternative method. We also operate intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademark rights, etc.) in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Personal information will be protected in accordance with the privacy policy. For inquiries regarding this matter, please use the email or the "Inquiry Form".


* For withdrawal procedure, please use this form

* Membership agreement
* Notation brute based on specific trade law
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